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Attractive emulator to install Android apps and play Android games on your PC
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If you ever thought about your Android device screen to be a bit small to see your games and apps in their absolute glory or found its keys too uncomfortable to play with, you can always rely on the Nox App Player app to enjoy your Android games and programs on your PC to the full. This Android emulator will transform your computer into a giant smartphone or tablet with a fully-configurable keyboard.

Based on Android’s 4.4.2 Kitkat kernel, this emulator provides a fast response, an easy-to-use interface, a high level of efficiency and stability, and compatibility with X86 and AMD processors, and even with the latest Windows 10 OS. No wonder the program allows you to open as many games and apps as required in different windows, thus taking the concepts of multi-tasking (so familiar to Android devices and users) and multiplayer to a new level. Thanks to the program’s configurable settings for CPU and RAM usage, its multi-tasking capabilities can be enjoyed in a wide array of computers, even on those with fewer resources.

You can choose from a wide array of games that support emulation, as the program will also install Google Play Store on your PC for the same price – that is, no price. This free tool will mimic the user interface of your Android phone or tablet and will let you enjoy your games and apps with the full potential of your system’s processor, full keyboard, and huge screen, but with the same simplicity of use that makes all these games so popular among Android users. Another great asset is its support for a number of input and output devices, so that you can not only map your keyboard to your favorite game configuration, but attach gamepads and other controllers to your PC and enjoy your games as in a full-fledged console.

The Nox Team has highly improved this new version of Nox App Player by adding a backup and restore function for all Nox instances, the possibility of taking screenshots of your Android apps and saving them on your PC, and an optimized control user interface for your PC keyboard. You can download Nox App Player and see for yourself how your laptop or PC suddenly becomes the Android device of your dream.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Fast and efficient emulation.
  • Adds Android multi-tasking to your PC.
  • Comes with Google Play Store.
  • Allows for gamepads and other controllers to be used on your PC


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